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Integration courses for women

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If you would like to improve your German language skills, please come by.

We offer women’s integration courses for beginners and advanced learners. We also offer orientation courses about life in Germany. In order to enable mothers to take part in the courses, we offer childcare provisions.

We attach great importance to having a friendly, tolerant and open approach with each other.
We want you to enjoy coming and feel comfortable here.
Initial consultation is free of charge.

Once you have registered via telephone and an appointment has been arranged you can then sit for a free test. This is to ensure you are on the right level of learning for your chosen course.
Immigrants can apply for a financial support for the integration course (German course) at the Federal Office for migration and refugees.
With that support the participation becomes free of charge.
We are happy to help you with any problems relating to your application.

We offer:

Women’s integration courses
900 hours

Basic linguistic course
Classification test
3 modules (100 hours)

Advanced linguistic course
3 modules (100 hours)
Final examination A2 / B1 with certificate

Special course
3 modules (100 hours)
Final examination A2 / B1 with certificate

Orientation courses
60 hours

Are you interested and still have questions?
Simply call us. Contact person Mrs. Nurcan Kurun is happily available at your request. The consultation can also be held in Turkish or Kurdish languages.
Tel: 0431/671778